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traditional and full of flavour

"Going to Southeast Asia for the first time and tasting that spectrum of flavours - that certainly changed my whole palate, the kind of foods I crave. A lot of dishes I used to love became boring to me." 

Anthony Bourdain

Neon Lighting sign for Obento Ramen Bar in Johannesburg


In Asia, much great flavours can be found in the most unpretentious, generational-family-owned stalls, serving up delicious meals on a quick and easy basis. This essence is what our passion at Obento is all about and with Joburg lacking a simple noodle bar, focusing on good food, speedy service and a comfortable atmosphere, we diverted our attention towards opening Joburg’s official and dedicated Ramen Bar. Our menu is limited, but packed with full and real flavours, focusing on traditional methods with some modern fusion elements, as one would find on a side street of a bustling Asian city.

Ling and Dan founded Obento in 2020 during the heart of the Covid Pandemic. With a little more time on their hands, during the remote working stance their corporate jobs promoted at the time, they created some memorable dishes from their vast travels around the world in search of good food, wherever they went, good food was top priority. Which ever city they visited, at least one noodle dish from an Asian restaurant would have been tried, with some being average and some being absolutely stand-out dishes. Something worth mentioning, the Vietnamese quarter of Paris, France has some of the best Beef Pho outside of Vietnam. The Ramen Bar is an experience curated by the founders to share with all foodies alike, their favourite travel spots and yummy delights picked up along their beautiful epicurean adventures to date.


Explore our frozen goods for your convenience

During the midst of the pandemic, Obento was born in a dark kitchen offering frozen meals. Our frozen meals are an integral part of Obento and will continue to serve those who wants to enjoy authentic flavours from the comfort of their own home.


Shop 18 Parkmore Square, 11th Street,
Parkmore, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

064 704 6265

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Dine In or Take Away

Sundays and Mondays Closed

Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 22:00

Please note that the kitchen closes strictly at 9:00pm

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